Hi, My names Mwangie I have been involved with the adventure sector for over twenty years. I first got involved with the Hidden Adventures team (as we are known now), in 1998.I was involved in the creation and delivery of Kenyan expedition for UK guests, including an expedition where we had 18 Young Officers adventurers summit Mt Kenya.Since then I have remained involved in Kenya doing tours as Hidden Adventures interests lay elsewhere.
I am responsible for the Hidden Kenya Adventures team and contributing with the rest of Team”Kenya” what we offer in Kenya and how its described.I also assist Christine in the nuts and bolts of your experiences progress, such as transfers, being received by your hospitality venues and in general everybody is informed.

My Teams desire is to now revitalise and improve our Kenyan adventures to offer 14 day tailored experiences. Like our Scottish team with their successful and well received Loch Lomond based adventures.Our adventures will feature equally online,have a backbone of informative documents and routines.Also be associated with areas and experiences we are most familiar with rather than do any request thus making the most of the rolling hills,mountains and Savannah of the central region of Kenya and its rich Bantu and Masai cultures. (With the exception of us currently looking into a five day coast diving programme).To also ensure our ethos of providing rustic authentic eco adventure experiences which foster a connection with heritage and nature is preserved. All comparatively priced at a mid range point , good enough to be comfortable but remain authentic.

I have asked Cliff and Stephen to assist with online details and i believe this is in progress and soon Kenya should feature on equal terms with our Scottish adventures .I believe this blend of UK standards, our accountable service and ability to conduct secure online payments along with being able to speak with me before you arrive should re assure and be a winning combination.

Asante Karibu Kenya

Kenyan Adventures

Kenyan Adventures