Close by the colonial township of Thika is beautiful countryside dotted with traditional farmsteads , houses and rural community predominantly those members of the Kikuyu tribe . Strolling through this area was a real treat and had an authentic feel as we were invited to look at Joe’s farmstead which houses goats pigs, chickens and rabbits with some space dedicated for crops . A variety of truly wild animals live throughout this region including some large snake, a variety of birds, hippos and  hyenas. The farmstead is enclosed and over a number of levels , we enjoyed roast plantain , got meat . There is something in eating with your hands and out of doors  that seems to make some foods taste better .  We were given a guided tour of the farm and area and heard stories of leopard and wild animals along with organic farming methods such as bio gas systems and fodder and fertilizer production. The Kikuyu being pastorals are particularly good at farming and its said give an experienced Kikuyu a Jembe (A Kenyan hoe),  piece of land they can grow anything . If this is an experience you would like come and join us for a Hidden Kenyan adventure.