New Year Historic Treks at Loch Lomond

January 1st 2019, the Loch is calm and the sun is shining. What a way to start the year with a refreshing walk around Luss village. Well, that’s what 45 people enjoyed after their New Year celebrations at The Lodge on Loch Lomond Hotel, the largest number we’ had to date.

Two walks were conducted by historic guide, Archie Waters, visiting some of the main attractions at Luss. The pictures below show some of the group walking along the beech, with Ben Lomond (Beacon Hill) in the background and the other the Viking Hogg Backed Stone in the graveyard. 

This part of Scotland has a fantastic historical heritage featuring well known  icons such as Saint Kessog, Robert the Bruce and Rob Roy. The groups enjoyed hearing about them all but also found the less likely heroes – the Loch Lomond Wallabies – just as intriguing.

A very enjoyable start to the year!




Luss Walks, New Year’s Day 2018

Around thirty people, enjoying a festive break at The Lodge on Loch Lomond Hotel, took part in the New Year’s Day heritage walks around the Village of Luss today. With the memories of the previous nights meal and ceilidh still fresh in their minds, it was time for  a breath of fresh air.

The first group suffered a little from rain showers, but the second group were blessed with dry and bright wether for the duration. 

Ben Lomond, depicted in the picture below, was at its best, with the reflection of the sun’s light from its snowy cap, backlighting the participants in the fore ground.

Everyone greatly enjoyed the commentary that accompanied the walk; tales of daring do, treachery, and cattle rustling, as well as geology that help to create much of the countries history but providing a borderline between two peoples of competing cultures.

May we wish you all the very best for 2018.


Hidden Loch Lomond walk

Today  we made use of the lovely but rather cold and inclement weather and  provided a tailor made event , where guests explored the countryside around Luss on foot. During this day we were blessed with expansive views of Loch Lomond, Where our guide story told about the formation of the Loch, its history and colonization after the last ice age circa 10’000 years ago until today. Throughout the day we looked at Bush craft,plants uses an tried to paint a picture of the lifestyle and dwellings of the Picts. Before exploring the forested old slate quarries and lovely Glen with its beautiful river.The day was a great blend of exploration with a informative interpretation about landscape, heritage and nature. A great social day was had by all which included a visit to a The Loch Lomond arms ” Inn and finishing with fish n chips in the local town en route home .


Loch Lomond Canoe Safari

Last Monday began with heavy rain, but undeterred, Stephanie and Matthew took to the water for a canoe safari to the Loch Lomond Islands. Slowly the day improved until they were rewarded with sunshine and warming temperatures.

First they visited Inchtavannach where St Kessog set up the first monastery in the area, in the year 510. They scaled Tom Nan Clag (The hill of the bell) before heading on to Inchconnachan. Matthew enjoyed a short solo paddle and I was impressed with the speed with which he developed his skills.

Continuing south they completed pleasant circumnavigation of Inchtavannach, meeting some of the local residents, before returning to Luss!

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