Canoeing Loch Lomond

Today was day 7 of one of our extended and progressive programmes. This time we put in at Balmaha on the east shore of Loch Lomond and visited Inchcailloch and Clairinish. A great day once again with some more advanced skills and decision making.

Canoeing West coast

Yesterday we had day 5 of one of our extended programmes. This time we put in at Lochgoilhead after the team made some good decisions about route and weather or not to raft up. We had a great time with some improvised sailing and did some skills later on as well. The guys are becoming competent paddlers. Looking forward to next week.DSCF7471 DSCF7475 DSCF7462

Exploring Loch Long by canoe

What a great day exploring this lovely Loch, just as one of the groups were about to embark on a trip across to the derelict missile testing platform a seal bobbed up to say hello.

The cadets were on a free event that one of our outdoor leaders ran ,everybody had a very rewarding day and spotted lots of wildlife whilst learning lots of paddle skills too.

It was along bust day but we were able to facilitate three separate

paddling experiences for the cadets throughout the day, we hope this will encourage them to do more.