Helping injured wildlife back on their feet

We had a visit from some lovely ladies from England a few weeks ago who were enjoying a break in Kirkintilloch . It was our pleasure to arrange a guided short walk in the morning looking at heritage , nature and foraging before we had lunch and headed over to visit our friends at Hessilhead Wildlife rescue. We were well received by Andy who gave us a brief chat about the service they provide , which includes advising people on what to do when discovering what might be an injured bird or animal, they also provide a pick up and recovery service for those in need . When we were there we uplifted two hedgehogs to re home near our eco meadow , met a fox called Fergus and also were introduced to a seal pup. Although we love to take our guests out watching wildlife in among the countryside and we sometimes are even brought  an injured creature , but the best people to deal with injured wild animals are folk like the Hessilhead wildlife rescue and other related organisations who deal with this. They do a great job and we are prod to support their work.