I enjoyed a great family day out on the 6th of September with Mum, Dad and their two young adventurers.

We met at Wild by Nature’s usual starting point at the Lodge on the Loch hotel, Luss. Once the initial briefing had take place we collected our equipment and we were off to track wallabies on Inch Connachan!

With a northerly breeze we made good progress and were soon on the island. Fortified with fresh blaeberries we entered ‘silent mode’ and stealthily followed the wild trails to the island summit. Although no wallabies were seen, we did see fresh spoor which suggested they hadn’t long been there themselves.

As we returned to the canoes we did, however, discover the the mysterious ‘Blood Hand Rock’ – see the picture below!!

After this fearful discovery we quickly headed off to complete the circumnavigation of Inch Connachan. Our intrepid explorers had to work hard this time against the wind in order to get back to the Luss shore, but they showed excellent grit and determination and reached the home port with smiles still on their faces.

Good fun and a great adventure. Thanks to you all.



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Canoe Loch Lomond

Another great day out was enjoyed by our clients on Monday past. Although the weather began wet it slowly improved through the day.

We  firstly paddled down the coast of Loch Lomond from Luss to gauge the strength of the wind for crossing to the islands. It proved to be suitable and we explored both Inch Tavannach and Inch Connachan. From the top of Inch Tavannach we viewed Galbraith Island and the ancient crannog site at Ardochly. On Inch Connachan we went on a wallaby trek, but other than identifying some likely spoor, none were sited

The day ended with a circumnavigation of Inch Tavannach providing a pleasant run with the wind home to Luss.


Loch Long Adventure Canoe Safari

Although the weather was drizzly, Loch Long held a certain romanticism with the mists clinging to the hills, steeply dropping away into the depths of the dark water. The continuing rain didn’t, however, dampen the spirits of the Todd family (and trusty sea dog) who paddle a good distance from Finnart to Carriage nan Ron at the mouth of Loch Goil.

On the way we saw gannets and heron, sudied barnacles and other shore crustaceans and paddled into a shoal of sprats breaking the surface in order to try and escape a larger predator, which we suspected were mackerel.

They also enjoyed a visit to Mark Bothy, a famous land mark on Loch Long, which was a ferry terminal in days gone by where cattle used to be swum across the loch on the drive to market.

Well done everyone. It was a great paddle even if the weather wasn’t at it best.

Heritage Recce – Wild by Nature

I had the pleasure of being taken by Urban Adventures volunteers to see the ruins of Broomhill Hospital in Kirkintilloch. This was a reciprocal event for me showing them around Mugdock Country Park and its various facilities for adventure activities.

The pictures show the team of volunteers – to whom I am most grateful for showing me round; especially Cathy who had worked at the hospital and was able to give us first hand information on what it was like when it was open. The team

At the Gatehouse

Main Entrance

are featured at the gatehouse. The second picture is of the front entrance to the hospital and with west wing extension.

Originally a private estate house it was converted into a hospital for the incurably sick in 1876. (I recommend you google Broomhill Hospital, History for more precise information).

Thanks for an interesting day, team.

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Canoeing on Loch Lomond

It was an early meet on Friday with Laurel and Skye from Utah. Which meant we had the Loch to ourselves – at least for a while. Drifting down the coast with the rising sun warming us gently, we crossed over to the island,Inch Tavannach and climbed Bell Hill. Later, we paddled on to Inch Connachan in search of the elusive Scottish Red Throated Wallabies before completing the circumnavigation of Inch Tavannach and returning to Luss. Thanks for a great trip ladies. It was great being with you.

Sunrise on Loch Lomond

Intrepid Explorers

By Yon Bonny Banks!

On the trail of the Wallabies!