Sea Kayaking near Glasgow

We have some excellent days out in our Sea Kayaks. These vary from exploring the Fiord like sea lochs of the West coast looking for wildlife, to paddling on the River Clyde estuary and visiting an old shipwreck. Summer is a great time to get on the water.

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A great time for Loch Lomond Canoe Safaris

Summer is a fantastic time to go on a Loch Lomond Canoe safari and explore the volcanic Islands. Last week we were extremely lucky to spot two fallow deer near the shore, this was made possible by the use of our Open canoes as we could silently drift along. loch Lomond is a wonderful place to visit and you will be surprised at all the hidden places we visit.


Very Windy Loch Lomond West Canoe Safari

The outdoor leaders were put through their paces today, what a great couple of kids so enthusiastic and were able to pick up things quickly. Lovely to see fallow deer, mute swans, baby Mallards, hare bell flower, big myrtle, marsh willow , oyster catchers, jack Dawes, crow, herring gull and lovely blue berries.

Windy Loch Lomond Canoe Day