Cultural and Heritage visit estonia

One of our Outdoor Leaders was fortunate to be selected to join five other participants from across the tourism industry and based in Scotland. Cliff’s focus was on the ancient traditions and heritage and the experiences which had less structure and almost perceived as informal. He will do his best to try and emulate such experience here in Scotland which will involve local personalities

and aim to engage and interest others in Scottish heritage.

Canoeing round the Islands of Loch Lomond

What a great day we have had with a local family exploring the East side of the highland complex on and near the islands of Inchcailioch. Learning skills, deer tracking and exploring with our Outdoor leader Archie bringing the whole trip alive with stories and related information. We also had some accompanying journalists taking top notch images and exploring with us from a publication called trek and run..

Ready to go

Ready to go

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Loch Lomond Canoe safaris

A great experience paddling large open canoe Island hopping and looking for wildlife .. what a great day out. Real chances of spotting Osprey, wallaby and if you listen to your guide learn some stealth skills spot hunting pike in the reeds or roaming fallow deer on some of the islands .

Enjoying a Loch Lomond canoe trip

Enjoying a Loch Lomond canoe trip

Very Windy Loch Lomond West Canoe Safari

The outdoor leaders were put through their paces today, what a great couple of kids so enthusiastic and were able to pick up things quickly. Lovely to see fallow deer, mute swans, baby Mallards, hare bell flower, big myrtle, marsh willow , oyster catchers, jack Dawes, crow, herring gull and lovely blue berries.

Windy Loch Lomond Canoe Day