Loch Lomond Island Trek

Could a family of 18 French people, here in Scotland to celebrate a 50th birthday, enjoy themselves in the pouring rain driven by gale force winds? Of course they could!!

That’s just what happened on the 12th of September! The hope had been to climb Connich Hill at Balmaha in the morning and then canoe to Inchcailloch for lunch. But the weather was too rough for canoeing and plans had to change.

It was decided to visit Inchcailloch by Macfarlane’s ferry first and the party duly set off.

The first location visited was the ancient graveyard where many of the area’s clan chiefs were interned. We then took the northern path to Port Bawn where, regardless of the rain, the group posed for pictures (see below). Some also went to the Ranger’s hut, to listen for bats which nestle in amongst the wooden panels on the outer walls.

Learning about flora and fauna as they progressed, the group climbed to the top of the island to see the view over the Loch and along the Highland Boundary Fault line.

Once back on the mainland and after a short break, the group ascended Connich Hill to the ridge. A strong blast accompanied the rain but the group were undaunted and appreciated the views of twisted mist patterns flowing over the islands. As they descended by the West route, there was a temporary clearance and ‘almost’ a glimpse of sun shine. A cheer went up which showed that spirits had remained high.

It was a great privilege to have shared this time with everyone and I hope that on their next visit the sun will be shining brightly.


Enjoying the Beach at Port Bawn

Wild Lomond Trek

A wonderful day was had accompanying members of the Sierra Club on their West Highland Way trek from Drymen to Balmaha. The route took us over Conoc Hill, a volcanic hill forming part of the Highland Boundary Fault.

En route we observed and talked about flora and fauna, forestry practices, history and heritage. This included the clan structure in the area, historical and contemporary uses of the land, the potential for Loch Lomond being used as part of a cross nation canal and much more.

We saw buzzards, peacock butterflies, a robin and Dor Beetle, commonly known as Dung Beetles.

Although cool the weather was fine with only one significant shower.

Always a pleasure I look forward to undertaking this trek again next year.

Accomodation Loch Lomond

Beuitiful map at the waterfront.

What a busy day, Our Outdoor Leaders visited  two hospitality providers we already have a succesful working relationship with, to suggest packages and tours that would suit their particular venues. Our small dedicated team love working alongside hospitality providers, to ensure that guests can enjoy tailored packages unique to each place . It’s also a great chance for us to promote potential hospitality providers to our own guests to help them choose  a place right for their needs, thus ensuring a quality package for all. Today we visited Loch Lomond Waterfront; who provide loch side Luxury lodges at Balmaha, each lodge comes complete with balcony hot tub, steam room and massive smart TV , in addition to stunning views looking westward accross the highland boundary complex . The first three images are from Loch Lomond waterfront and the last is of The old school house. We then popped in to the old school-house at Gartocharn, a late Georgian building in a delightful rural location back from the loch but with expansive veiws northwards ish towards Bein Lomond. Both hospitality providers, provide very different types of accommodation you can access our accommodation list on our website. We are trying to make it easier for you to choose your hospitality provider and are doing are best to dove tail our services to suit too.Significantly Loch Lomond Waterfront are putting some emphasis on being a venue for corporate events and both venues are shaping up to be a great place for wildlife watching holidays, being literally on the Endrick nature reserve. Both places are ideal locations to sample our eco experiences or corporate events. we particularly enjoyed getting tours and also meeting Hammish the large cat and Flyn the energetic terrier, who you’ll no doubt meet too if you stay at one of these fanstatic venues.

Canoeing Loch Lomond

Today was day 7 of one of our extended and progressive programmes. This time we put in at Balmaha on the east shore of Loch Lomond and visited Inchcailloch and Clairinish. A great day once again with some more advanced skills and decision making.

Canoeing on Loch Lomond

Yesterday we were out on one of our Classic Loch Lomond Canoe Safari’s. This time we put in at Loch Lomond waterfront and visited Clarinch and Inchcailloch. The scenery was fantastic as the colors begin to turn autumnal and with clear skies and calm water we had a great day.