Loch Long Adventure Canoe Safari

Although the weather was drizzly, Loch Long held a certain romanticism with the mists clinging to the hills, steeply dropping away into the depths of the dark water. The continuing rain didn’t, however, dampen the spirits of the Todd family (and trusty sea dog) who paddle a good distance from Finnart to Carriage nan Ron at the mouth of Loch Goil.

On the way we saw gannets and heron, sudied barnacles and other shore crustaceans and paddled into a shoal of sprats breaking the surface in order to try and escape a larger predator, which we suspected were mackerel.

They also enjoyed a visit to Mark Bothy, a famous land mark on Loch Long, which was a ferry terminal in days gone by where cattle used to be swum across the loch on the drive to market.

Well done everyone. It was a great paddle even if the weather wasn’t at it best.