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Close by the colonial township of Thika is beautiful countryside dotted with traditional farmsteads , houses and rural community predominantly those members of the Kikuyu tribe . Strolling through this area was a real treat and had an authentic feel as we were invited to look at Joe’s farmstead which houses goats pigs, chickens and rabbits with some space dedicated for crops . A variety of truly wild animals live throughout this region including some large snake, a variety of birds, hippos and  hyenas. The farmstead is enclosed and over a number of levels , we enjoyed roast plantain , got meat . There is something in eating with your hands and out of doors  that seems to make some foods taste better .  We were given a guided tour of the farm and area and heard stories of leopard and wild animals along with organic farming methods such as bio gas systems and fodder and fertilizer production. The Kikuyu being pastorals are particularly good at farming and its said give an experienced Kikuyu a Jembe (A Kenyan hoe),  piece of land they can grow anything . If this is an experience you would like come and join us for a Hidden Kenyan adventure.


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Be a valuable member of a small team of no more than eight adventurers for a memorable 14 day trip to explore Equatorial Kenya. You might wish to see Wild Elephants or trek mighty Mt Kenya and witness sunrise above the moonscape and equatorial snow of the afro alpine tundra, with the expanse which is the Great Rift Valley below. Perhaps you want to be involved in something worthwhile, to experience ancient tribal traditions, to learn about and help protect these diminishing traditions and threatened wildlife.Relax amongst the forested slopes of the cool Kenyan Highlands on the edge of the Africa savannah, with a short stay to explore the fascinating colonial township of Thika (Nr Nairobi) and its surroundings. We have many years’ experience in eco adventures and have personally checked out our service includes UK based support, travel safe induction, Itinerary and holiday agreement, half board throughout your stay in some wonderful locations, park entry permits, transfers and in country transport, all driver /guides, an in country guide/trouble shooter.
You’ll get enough information to book your adventure and your flight, just get here and we will do the rest. Choose from our themed weeks, which include bird watching and wildlife, Mountain trekking, Culture and bush craft, a tailored people and conservation project week. Create and enjoy your own 14 day Hidden Kenyan Adventure for just £1’850.


Traditional  dress Kikuyu

Traditional dress Kikuyu

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We are Lucky to have The Luke hotel in Thika as one of hospitality partners,the hotel is located within Thika town.The hotel and rooms are comfortable, clean and quite. The friendly accommodating staff pride themselves on offering a professional caring service for guests and the hotel provides a blend of dishes which cater for a European and East African palette, including the ever popular Nayma choma (Roast meat).In the immediate vicinity has local shops colonial Indian quarter and a short Tuk Tuk ride gets you into Thika town with its abundance of traders ,markets and food places. Its also excellent for day trips to Nairobi city and Kilimambogo famous for its large heard of wild buffalo and pineapple plantations. Oh did I mention there is great reliable WIFI and you can cool off in the large swimming pool for free.


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Hi ,I have recently been exploring Thika town here in Kenya ,Thika is where our guests will be based before and after their eco experienced based in and around central region. Our two Thika hotels are comfortable and each quite different too. Thika Market is huge and is a short walk or Tuk Tuk ride and sells a variety of produce and items, part of the Market is for vehicle repairs and one area is for clothes manufacturing and food. The other day I stumbled across a sewing machine repair shop where old machine go to be revitalised by a man who’s family has been in that trade for the best part of a hundred years. The shop was rammed full of singer sewing of each . Close by his shop are a variety of tailors… They told me they had never seen tourists there and would like the interaction and business. A suit can be made for £35 including material trousers tailored for £11 Maybe worth a visit on arrival and departure ..I will try and add other places and people to visit in this area

Thika Market



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Hi, My names Mwangie I have been involved with the adventure sector for over twenty years. I first got involved with the Hidden Adventures team (as we are known now), in 1998.I was involved in the creation and delivery of Kenyan expedition for UK guests, including an expedition where we had 18 Young Officers adventurers summit Mt Kenya.Since then I have remained involved in Kenya doing tours as Hidden Adventures interests lay elsewhere.
I am responsible for the Hidden Kenya Adventures team and contributing with the rest of Team”Kenya” what we offer in Kenya and how its described.I also assist Christine in the nuts and bolts of your experiences progress, such as transfers, being received by your hospitality venues and in general everybody is informed.

My Teams desire is to now revitalise and improve our Kenyan adventures to offer 14 day tailored experiences. Like our Scottish team with their successful and well received Loch Lomond based adventures.Our adventures will feature equally online,have a backbone of informative documents and routines.Also be associated with areas and experiences we are most familiar with rather than do any request thus making the most of the rolling hills,mountains and Savannah of the central region of Kenya and its rich Bantu and Masai cultures. (With the exception of us currently looking into a five day coast diving programme).To also ensure our ethos of providing rustic authentic eco adventure experiences which foster a connection with heritage and nature is preserved. All comparatively priced at a mid range point , good enough to be comfortable but remain authentic.

I have asked Cliff and Stephen to assist with online details and i believe this is in progress and soon Kenya should feature on equal terms with our Scottish adventures .I believe this blend of UK standards, our accountable service and ability to conduct secure online payments along with being able to speak with me before you arrive should re assure and be a winning combination.

Asante Karibu Kenya

Kenyan Adventures

Kenyan Adventures