Canoeing round the Islands of Loch Lomond

What a great day we have had with a local family exploring the East side of the highland complex on and near the islands of Inchcailioch. Learning skills, deer tracking and exploring with our Outdoor leader Archie bringing the whole trip alive with stories and related information. We also had some accompanying journalists taking top notch images and exploring with us from a publication called trek and run..

Ready to go

Ready to go

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A great time for Loch Lomond Canoe Safaris

Summer is a fantastic time to go on a Loch Lomond Canoe safari and explore the volcanic Islands. Last week we were extremely lucky to spot two fallow deer near the shore, this was made possible by the use of our Open canoes as we could silently drift along. loch Lomond is a wonderful place to visit and you will be surprised at all the hidden places we visit.