Hidden Loch Lomond walk

Today  we made use of the lovely but rather cold and inclement weather and  provided a tailor made event , where guests explored the countryside around Luss on foot. During this day we were blessed with expansive views of Loch Lomond, Where our guide story told about the formation of the Loch, its history and colonization after the last ice age circa 10’000 years ago until today. Throughout the day we looked at Bush craft,plants uses an tried to paint a picture of the lifestyle and dwellings of the Picts. Before exploring the forested old slate quarries and lovely Glen with its beautiful river.The day was a great blend of exploration with a informative interpretation about landscape, heritage and nature. A great social day was had by all which included a visit to a The Loch Lomond arms ” Inn and finishing with fish n chips in the local town en route home .


Accomodation Loch Lomond

Beuitiful map at the waterfront.

What a busy day, Our Outdoor Leaders visited  two hospitality providers we already have a succesful working relationship with, to suggest packages and tours that would suit their particular venues. Our small dedicated team love working alongside hospitality providers, to ensure that guests can enjoy tailored packages unique to each place . It’s also a great chance for us to promote potential hospitality providers to our own guests to help them choose  a place right for their needs, thus ensuring a quality package for all. Today we visited Loch Lomond Waterfront; who provide loch side Luxury lodges at Balmaha, each lodge comes complete with balcony hot tub, steam room and massive smart TV , in addition to stunning views looking westward accross the highland boundary complex . The first three images are from Loch Lomond waterfront and the last is of The old school house. We then popped in to the old school-house at Gartocharn, a late Georgian building in a delightful rural location back from the loch but with expansive veiws northwards ish towards Bein Lomond. Both hospitality providers, provide very different types of accommodation you can access our accommodation list on our website. We are trying to make it easier for you to choose your hospitality provider and are doing are best to dove tail our services to suit too.Significantly Loch Lomond Waterfront are putting some emphasis on being a venue for corporate events and both venues are shaping up to be a great place for wildlife watching holidays, being literally on the Endrick nature reserve. Both places are ideal locations to sample our eco experiences or corporate events. we particularly enjoyed getting tours and also meeting Hammish the large cat and Flyn the energetic terrier, who you’ll no doubt meet too if you stay at one of these fanstatic venues.

Family Adventures Near Glasgow

We had a great punch out today on a very social canoe safari in autumnal weather, we spotted a wide range of wildlife and learn some new things about local heritage too. At one point a Heron was just meters from some guests. Lots of time exploring the out the way places along the canal and fascinating facts about the environment .




Cultural and Heritage visit estonia

One of our Outdoor Leaders was fortunate to be selected to join five other participants from across the tourism industry and based in Scotland. Cliff’s focus was on the ancient traditions and heritage and the experiences which had less structure and almost perceived as informal. He will do his best to try and emulate such experience here in Scotland which will involve local personalities

and aim to engage and interest others in Scottish heritage.

Helping injured wildlife back on their feet

We had a visit from some lovely ladies from England a few weeks ago who were enjoying a break in Kirkintilloch . It was our pleasure to arrange a guided short walk in the morning looking at heritage , nature and foraging before we had lunch and headed over to visit our friends at Hessilhead Wildlife rescue. We were well received by Andy who gave us a brief chat about the service they provide , which includes advising people on what to do when discovering what might be an injured bird or animal, they also provide a pick up and recovery service for those in need . When we were there we uplifted two hedgehogs to re home near our eco meadow , met a fox called Fergus and also were introduced to a seal pup. Although we love to take our guests out watching wildlife in among the countryside and we sometimes are even brought  an injured creature , but the best people to deal with injured wild animals are folk like the Hessilhead wildlife rescue and other related organisations who deal with this. They do a great job and we are prod to support their work.