Cultural and Heritage visit estonia

One of our Outdoor Leaders was fortunate to be selected to join five other participants from across the tourism industry and based in Scotland. Cliff’s focus was on the ancient traditions and heritage and the experiences which had less structure and almost perceived as informal. He will do his best to try and emulate such experience here in Scotland which will involve local personalities

and aim to engage and interest others in Scottish heritage.

Helping injured wildlife back on their feet

We had a visit from some lovely ladies from England a few weeks ago who were enjoying a break in Kirkintilloch . It was our pleasure to arrange a guided short walk in the morning looking at heritage , nature and foraging before we had lunch and headed over to visit our friends at Hessilhead Wildlife rescue. We were well received by Andy who gave us a brief chat about the service they provide , which includes advising people on what to do when discovering what might be an injured bird or animal, they also provide a pick up and recovery service for those in need . When we were there we uplifted two hedgehogs to re home near our eco meadow , met a fox called Fergus and also were introduced to a seal pup. Although we love to take our guests out watching wildlife in among the countryside and we sometimes are even brought  an injured creature , but the best people to deal with injured wild animals are folk like the Hessilhead wildlife rescue and other related organisations who deal with this. They do a great job and we are prod to support their work.

Canoe trip Loch Lomond from Balmaha

Wow what a classic adventure not just canoeing but learning all  sorts about the landscape heritage and bush craft too , we spotted some lovely ravens and also a group of swans and as we paddled out two ospreys dived and played over.

The kids did really well and the adults were not far behind them


DSCF6728 DSCF6704 DSCF6710 DSCF6715em too…

Wild Camping Scotland

During this summer we have some fantastic wild camps available. On these camps you will learn how to Navigate using natural indicators, Find and filtrate water, Fire from friction and spark. You can also choose to build and sleep in your survival shelter after cooking a warm meal over an open fire. These fantastic experiences are also available with Canoeing so we may even be able to have a night paddle looking for wildlife.

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Loch Long canoe trip with snorkeling

Yesterday we had a great time out on Loch Long. We were finding out if it was possible to add snorkelling to our already fantastic Sea Loch Safaris. We quickly found a nice sheltered bay were we could try this out. After going over the use and fitting of equipment we decided that this would be a brilliant addition as well as being fun and very interesting. There is so much life going on under the canoes that is very seldom seen.