Bushcraft & Survival


Fire starting…bush craft style

A  chance to forage and learn the rudiments of survival with experiences trainers. Explore the scenic low-lying, mostly forested, intimate areas, learning about the difference between bush craft and Survival.

Learn new skills such as

  • Shelter building
  • Deer tracking
  • Water filtration
  • Fire lighting
  • Selecting of woodland foods through foraging

Excellent for team building and developing core skills such as problem solving and communication. Great fun too. It connects the adventurer to nature and gives the person real time skills.

All abilities and most request tailored for: From children’s birthday parties, which carry a theme of adventure and survival, to work days out. We also offer trips for stag parties
and corporate team building days.

Survival and bushcraft courses

These days are workshop and journey based, where survivalists will move from a central location then head out on guided walks with your expert guide, where survivalists will learn about the most traditional of skills developed by the commandos or learn  skills passed down by  our ancestors over thousands of years.

These courses can include fire through friction and spark, learn about bow, drill and base plates, the use of flint and steel, basics of making a mix to building a fire. Even how our ancestors stored and carried embers using natural items. A focus on shelter construction and types when combined with fire to form a base. Water location, filtration and carriage and foraging for wild food along with how to make use of trees: from the leaves to the roots. There can also be included Information on bushcraft and survival equipment – including a workshop on knives and how to use these items safely. We touch on natural navigation and environment too.     

A great informative, social event.


Survival techniques


Survival techniques


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