Canoe Loch Lomond

Canoeing Loch

Exploring the wooded shores of Loch Long

During your canoe experience you will be an active part of the team. You will be expected to get involved and take responsibility to the extent that whilst your guide will oversee safety and the experience in general, the emphasis will remain on you to adhere to training and become an involved, responsible, active team member.

We will provide adequate training, equipment and support to ensure you are able to do this and your adventure remains a top class experience. All outdoor leaders are deemed as competent to fulfil their role and hold relevant experience and qualifications to facilitate your choice of experience. The pace of the experience will have to be a balance between the group’s needs and the experience itself. Flexibility is needed from all to account for conditions such as changes in weather, dealing with individual or group needs or wild animals. You should also expect that the general ethos and ethics of the company will still be adhered to including our Eco policy, therefore your experiences will contain some amount of information about Natural history.

Our Outdoor team are carefully selected and regularly reminded of the ethos through training and updates; they also enjoy what they do. The equipment you receive is the best we are able to offer, regularly checked for serviceability and clean.

Loch Lomond Canoe Safaris are guided open canoe journeys single or multi day, typically an experience will start at 10:15-30 with an uplift, until 16.00 (3 hour canoe taster trips available too!) Adventurers will be trained to control their two person craft with basic skills and also ensure they have basic safety knowledge during your journey exploring a loch or along rivers. Canoe safaris make use of the scenic areas within a 1.30 min journey time from Glasgow, such as Loch Ard where we often see large dragon fly and is surrounded by lush forest.

Islands of Loch Lomond

Learning about tracking wildlife on a Loch Lomond day trip

Exploring the Volcanic Islands of Loch Lomond by canoe was Hidden Adventures’ first experience and remains our most popular choice today as this allows guests to slowly experience the nature of the loch, whilst travelling through the intimate or humbling landscape of Loch Lomond.
These large primeval Islands are rich in wildlife.Our small but stable canoes and appropriate skills, make even the most isolated bay accessible and enable you to get close to wildlife. Our guided journeys gives a sense of freedom and real choice, we give you the ability to intimately explore this romantic wilderness-like area, whilst knowing safety is always at the forefront of your guides thoughts.

What to see: There is everything from old ruins; castles; graveyards; remnants of medieval communities and even graves of dead clansmen and warriors. The wildlife is magical, and there exists real chances of spotting a variety of birds such as Osprey, buzzard and Capercaillie to mention just a few. Larger animals may be viewed such as fallow deer, roe deer, wallaby, fox or if very lucky otter or wildcat.


Wildlife Watching Sea Loch safaris

Our seasoned outdoor leaders have a  love for the sea. This experience in particular allows guests to easily engage with the natural world whilst learning from your guide. Sea Loch safaris are ideal for exploring the nooks and crannies of the maritime fringes of Loch Lomond national park and enjoying the freedom and closeness to the ‘real world’ that this experience brings. It is always a social event and ideal to meet new people or get to know old friends better, whilst enjoying the relaxation of journeying by open canoe.

Guests can use these stable vessels to sail, paddle and drift though stunning scenery or beneath the walls of Carrick castle why not stop to have a picnic or jump in and snorkel among clear kelp forests. We frequently spot a variety of terrestrial wildlife such as fox, red deer, along with maritime creatures such as hunting gannet, porpoise, seals and the occasional basking shark. For a feeling of freedom and a real maritime feel choose this.

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