Child Protection Policy

Hidden Adventures is committed to promoting the emotional welfare and protection of young people or indeed vulnerable adults, during their participation in Scottish adventure activities or overseas expeditions.

All adult leaders assisting or leading activities or expeditions are in Loco Parentis and carry a duty of care for the members on the expedition or activity.

Throughout the participant’s involvement in an adventurous activity and also for those participants who are undertaking an overseas expedition with associated planning and training phase.

Hidden Adventures and all its representatives is committed to the following:

  • Respecting the rights wishes and feelings of young people.
  • To not neglect or abuse the individuals within our care, Neglect is defined as a failure to provide medical care, including exposing young people to extreme cold and discomfort without proper care and protection.
  • Physical abuse is defined as hurting injuring a young person, for example hitting, shaking or through any form of bullying. Or by plying them with alcohol or any form or inappropriate drugs. Or in the context of adventure activities forcing an individual into a situation which clearly exceeds the capacity of the young person’s physical abilities.
  • Sexual abuse is defined as an adult using his / her power, authority or position to use a child sexual to satisfy his/ her needs. This includes making sexual advances, making inappropriate suggestive comments, pornography or indeed any form of sexual intercourse.
  • Emotional abuse is defined as depriving the child of help or encouragement and replacing this with derision, ridicule or ostracisation and includes racial or sexually abusive remarks.

All adults involved with adventure activities or overseas expeditions are to ensure:

  • They follow the code above and ensure their behavior is appropriate at all times.
  • They report any suspicious inappropriate behavior or any disclosure from a child or vulnerable adult.
  • They safe guard the safety and emotional welfare of their group.
  • They recognize the position of trust they have been placed in.
  • They form appropriate and even relationships with all.
  • They ensure their relevant disclosure license is in date.
  • They ensure they attend any staff training and read any updates relating to child protection issues.



  • Follow this policy and guidance.
  • Act appropriate, be consistent and fair.


  • Permit any abusive activities such as bullying
  • Have inappropriate physical contact.
  • Jump to conclusions without sensitively checking facts.
  • Continually make inappropriate suggestive remarks or gestures.
  • Exaggerate or trivialize child abuse.
  • Show favoritism or be drawn into inappropriate attention seeking behavior such as crushes.


You suspect an individual on an overseas expedition is being abused.

  • Inform your line manager.
  • Record the facts and what action you have taken.
  • Take action to end this abuse.

Allegations of Abuse is reported to you.

Allow the person to speak without interruptions or making judgments, take the steps above. Try to alleviate feelings of guilt or isolation. At the most appropriate time and as soon as possible inform your line manager and take advice. If there is any allegation concerning staff or you, do not worry, take down some details and inform your line manager.

From time to time false accusations are made concerning staff facilitating an overseas expedition, this may be a strategy employed by a young person to retaliate after reluctantly after what they see as an unfair leaders decision, to gain attention or as a result of a personality clash. Hidden Adventures realizes this and promotes a sensible unbiased investigation in to all allegations.