REF: Eco/state/06/08

Eco Policy Mission Statement


Hidden Adventures promotes the protection of existing indigenous cultures and the conservation of natural heritage through enhancing Environmental awareness and environmentally friendly practices.

How we achieve this

  • Creation of guidelines for clients, as a code of conduct when dealing with isolated communities and areas of outstanding natural beauty.
  • Involved indigenous peoples to story tell, display cultural art, customs and culture.
  • Use tourism to enhance ancestral legends culture and dance.
  • Pay a set realistic fee to local sub contractors (Not inflated tourist price).
  • To encourage a wider promotion of their culture within the area.
  • Only use operators who are Eco sensitive and we can improve through feedback.
  • Promote ancestral legends and conservation concerning Loch Lomond & Mt Kenya.
  • Enhance environmental understanding through our services.
  • Campaign for the protection natural habitat endangered species and other worthwhile conservation projects.
  • Team up with eco sensitive organizations and initiatives.
  • Follow minimum impact camping techniques and conduct sustainable operational practices.
  • Ensure adventure activities carry some element of environmental awareness.
  • To ensure activities are chosen to reflect a environmental theme i.e. Trekking, canoe safari’s
  • Carbon offset where possible.

Visitor code of conduct

  • Take only memories and photographs leave only memories.

  • Low impact camping techniques, to pack items in and pack litter out.

  • Interact with indigenous peoples.

  • Clients should be encouraged to purchase local sustainable goods at fair prices.

  • Clients should be encouraged to find out about conservation issues or threats to areas visited.

  • Clients should be encouraged to join conservation, environmental organizations if they so wish.


(This is reviewed every 6 months)