RE: EXP/INFO/02/14

Experience Information

Here is the information we need to share with you before you come on an experience along with a reminder about how to book. It’s essential you read, understand and adhere to any instructions.

What we need to tell you

It is the responsibility of each participant to read our Terms and conditions, to be aware of the description of your chosen experience and adhere to any related instructions in this experience information and in general to make themselves aware of the nature and description of their experience . On the day each participants needs to have a completed PARTICIPATION FORM with the feedback questions copied on the reverse. Please hand all forms to the Outdoor Leader on the day, prior to your experience or event; you’ll get these forms back so you can give us your feedback.

Where to meet and where we go

Unless you have arranged otherwise, the start and finish of all our experiences is at our Adventure base, where documentation will be checked, equipment issued and your experience will commence. Directions with our address can be found on our web site. Urban experiences are amongst the countryside around Greater Glasgow, Eco Adventures explore the scenic areas within a 1hr 30 journey time of Glasgow including Loch Lomond and Trossachs national park with our expeditions enjoying any suitable venue throughout Scotland.

What we provide

We provide a range of tailored hands on affordable eco adventure experiences which aim to connect people with nature and foster an appreciation for Heritage. Our Outdoor Leaders are trained and competent to provide quality experiences and all the equipment we provide is well maintained. There is no experience needed as we take time to introduce you to the basic skills and use of equipment necessitated by your chosen experience.

We have adopted Safety as Culture and will strive to work to best practice throughout the planning and facilitating of your experience.

On all our experiences there is a minimum age of 6 yrs old and on experiences which either explore the remote wide lochs, moving water areas on rivers or on high mountains, those who have not yet reached the age of 18yrs, must be accompanied by a parent or legally appointed guardian, due to current legislation. However all our Urban adventures are designed for unaccompanied children or / and families.

A reminder of how to book: (from time to time booking is sometimes accepted via our partners and alternative organisation, such as Groupon or wowcher).

Step 1: Make contact and tell us more about your requirements, including any significant medical or Health factors that may affect our provision For example we would need to know about such information as significantly overweight adults, mobility issues, or any personal equipment you require, along with your preferred dates and experience choice,

Step 2: After we have discussed your requirements, we provisionally enter your experience details or event in our diary. To confirm this booking you our user friendly automated online payment system and we both get a confirmation your payment and booking. Unless we get in contact shortly after you have paid assume all is fine, an Outdoor leader will then make contact with you not less than 48hrs prior to your required date, just to triple check all is well.


If you are organising a works away day or are a formed community group, who require an adventure Programme or expedition; the pricing, booking and planning process is different. Please get in touch.


What you need to wear and carry

For all experiences please ensure you are suitably dressed for a day out of doors and prepared for the chance of inclement weather. Your trousers should be a non-denim type and close fitting, so old tracksuit bottoms, leggings, walking trousers or cords are all suitable. On your upper half and Close to your skin you should wear a light weight thermal or an alternative. You should also have access to a warm top which can be a fleece or jumper and a set of waterproof tops and bottoms.

If you want to use your own rucksacks ensure these have a bin liner inside and are comfortable. Gym bags with string handles are unsuitable for our experiences and can hinder children’s enjoyment and potentially create a hazard. Each person must also carry enough snacks and water for their needs and any prescribed daily emergency medication including inhalers in a small accessible plastic bag. In hot weather consider wearing cotton top or shirt and pack extra water, a sun hat and sun Protection, including sun glasses essential if you are on a water based experience.

Specific personal items you’ll need for land based experiences

We recommend stout boots with a good grip and ankle support for land based experiences. Woollen socks (preferably non-ribbed) are preferable for hill walking; you can also wear a second snug fit cotton inner sock to reduce the chance of blisters. (Heavy work type lined waterproofs are not ideal for hill treks as you may over heat).

Specific personal items you’ll need for water based experiences

Wear old, well-fitting trainers and woollen socks that you do not mind getting wet and have a full change of clothes and a towel, which will be left at a point, ready to access when you finish. We provide buoyancy aids and water proof tough bags for your belongings; it’s helpful if you have them ready to transfer across. On Sea kayak safari’s we also lend you specialist cagoules, wet suits and equipment to ensure you are comfortable.

We expect you to wearing suitable clothing, with appropriate items as listed in this information sheet, we are able to supply some personal items if told in advance and available and we always supply any specialised equipment.

What to Expect

It’s a hand on experience so during a typical experience, participants will be expected to learn and work as a team throughout. This may include lifting canoes, learning about safety, learning skills, and following instructions and general teamwork, all requirements for a successful experience.

Throughout your experience we will aim to not only teach you skills related to the experience, along with a basic understanding of the equipment you’ll be using. We also pass on some pints or interest about the natural world and heritage. With children we also aim to reinforce core skills such as

tolerance, self-discipline, common sense and communication. Children are likely to get wet, muddy and tired out especially on Bush n Bash experiences.

Your Outdoor Leader is ultimately responsible for safety throughout your experience and the pace of the day; we try to make safety present but not overbearing. This can mean experiences are busy at the start and end of the day but beyond that are quite relaxed.

Rough timings for your day experiences: (6 hours approx from uplift)

09.30-09.45 Uplift from Greater Glasgow pick up point

10.30-10.45 Arrival or meeting you at the venue

15.00 pack away and depart

16.00-16.15 Drop off

Urban Adventures (Typically between 2.5 to 4 hours, timings and duration to suit).

It should also be noted that this is a rough itinerary and subject to change with regards to weather, the changing needs of our guests or any other unforeseen circumstances. We aim to provide the best possible experience on the day and that sometimes means slight alterations need to be made.

Further Information

For all supporting documents including participation forms, Experience FAQ’s sheet and our active insurance certificate and directions please see , all documents at the bottom of the page. Do not hesitate to contacts us should you require to discuss your experience further.