Frequently Asked Questions

What safety procedures and insurance do you offer?

We have adopted safety as culture, which means we work to outdoor industry best practice. This includes having outdoor leaders who are suitable competent to facilitate your experience, safe well maintained equipment, along with public liability insurance. We aim to be as safe as reasonably practicable, without eroding your sense of adventure. We also do regular monitoring of experiences and have an external technical adviser. All outdoor Leaders are first aid trained and prepared for outdoor emergencies. The safety policy statement and insurance are on our web site.

How fit do I have to be?

You only have to be of moderate fitness to take part in the range of experiences we have to offer. As a rule your fitness should be adequate enough to hold a conversation whilst walking up a slight incline. We are also able to tailor experiences for those who have low fitness or physical impairment and we of course wish to facilitate an experience you will enjoy. 

Is there an age range for experiences?

Quite simply there is no upper age range provided you are fit and healthy to participate on an experience. On our experiences to more remote areas, we do not take children below the age of 6 years. If you have a group member below the age of 18yrs and are exploring a remote or upland area, due to insurance and legislation reasons, they must be accompanied by a Parent or legally appointed guardian. For our urban adventures, unaccompanied children and young people can attend. All staff is experienced with working with children, along with being trained in Child protection awareness and holding a police disclosure or licence which gives  them the required certification to work with children of vulnerable adults.

How long are the experiences?

For a day experience, we usually pick up at 09.30-45 and drop off at 16.00-15. However, we can also offer a five day and three day Scottish expedition. If you would like to do a GAP experience or expedition to East African, an expedition is anything from 16 days to a month long, whilst a GAP experience is from three to 12 Months.

What kit do I wear and what do I bring on a day's activity?

Our experience information sheet will give you details of what to wear and bring on a day out with us, we will give you an expedition pack list if required. However, as a rule you should be dressed for a day spent out of doors with warm clothes at hand, a waterproof top, hat and gloves. Make sure your footwear is appropriate for the activity i.e. old trainers for canoeing or sea kayak safaris and for hill trekking sturdy boots with good ankle support. Make sure you bring any prescribed medication including inhalers and also a completed PARTICIPATION form. You’ll need a change of clothing and a towel for water based experiences.

Can I borrow equipment from you on the day?

Yes, we have an equipment store which does not have an exhaustible supply of sizes and items, but does contain, waterproof jackets, wet shoes, hats, gloves, boots and lots of outdoor equipment.

Just see the web site as our stores inventory is listed there. Do not worry about price it’s free of charge for you. Just call or e-mail and tell us what you want and what sizes we will see what we can do and bring it on the day.

Where do you go for the adventure experiences?

We can go anywhere within an hour and fifteen minutes from Glasgow for day experiences, so some popular places for canoe or Sea kayak safaris are Loch Lomond or any Lochs over in the Trossachs. Sea safari’s are amongst the scenic (Central) West Coast and Clyde Sea Lochs and on these days travel time is increased to one hour thirty minutes from Glasgow. Within this distance from Glasgow there are plenty of Mountains, moorland and hills to explore.

We are usually based near Mt Kenya for East African expeditions, but travel to outside Mombasa for scuba diving element.

Do you provide camping equipment?

Yes, we have a wide range of tents, mats, sleeping bags and other campsite items all regularly maintained and aired out. We also have dry bags and expedition bags to transport group equipment, in country we can also access more items associated with safari’s and treks Mt Kenya.

Do you cater for people with disabilities?

We try our utmost to accommodate everybody, we have large open canoes which are very stable and have been frequently used by those with physical or mental impairment. We do regular staff training to ensure this is something we have given adequate attention to. 

What's included?

Provided you have paid and booked an experience we can provide a tailor made all inclusive experience which includes, some basic and all specialist equipment, a dedicated guide and even pick up and drop off within Greater Glasgow area including airport transfer. We will need some basic information such as type of experience; equipment needed numbers and a pick up point. We can even tailor make an experience to suit and you can chat with us and then book via a handy simple online booking and payment system.

How to find more information and book.

It’s really easy, just go onto our web site just make contact to discuss your needs, we will ask you a few questions and pencil your request in our diary. You can also gain more information by perusing our website which has lots of information and testimonial. When you’re happy, just use our automated online booking system or just pay by cheque, which books your experience, we will then contact you.

What wildlife could we see?

We call our open canoe and sea kayak trips safaris as we try and choose locations which give a sense of remoteness along with higher chances of seeing wildlife. Some wildlife you may see on an open canoe safari are Roe or Fallow deer, otters, hunting falcon, wallabies and all manner of birds. On the sea kayak safari as you would expect a more maritime theme, you could see dolphin, porpoise, different types of seal or even a basking shark.

Can you create a programme for my school or formed community group?

We are able to create a progressive programme linked with learning outcomes associated with the curriculum for excellence, tailored to give teachers material for classroom work too. All of our experiences carry as a core ethos personal, emotional and social development. We are delighted to be able to easily design a day out with your group in mind to hit certain learning outcomes associated with the Curriculum for Excellence perhaps.