REF: H&S/state/07/09

Health & Safety Policy statement

This document summarizes the company’s Health and Safety policy.

Safety statement

Hidden Adventures aims to create a culture of Safety amongst the staff team and clients who undertake adventurous activities or expeditions with us.

To this end our Health and Safety policy undertakes to ensure our activities are as safe as practically possible. This incorporates the following:

  • A simple and realistic Health and safety policy.
  • Regular and recorded staff selection, inductions/training.
  • Regular Safety inspections by the outdoor team and our technical advisor.
  • Adequate and well maintained canoes and related equipment.
  • CE Standard approved Buoyancy aids and paddles.
  • Regularly maintained equipment.
  • Regularly reviewed procedures.
  • Public liability Insurance (1969 insurance act).
  • Informative documentation, including risk disclosure forms.
  • Integrated safety procedure as part of our routine.
  • First aid qualified staff.
  • Activity specific risk assessments.

Expeditions to East Africa will aim to adhere, where reasonably practical to the company’s Health and Safety policy. However, in addition to this teams will be issued amended risk assessments and an Expedition aid memoir. The Expedition leader will be selected on his /her ability and experience relating to safely managing teams in a changeable environment.